Reordering and sorting triggers

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  • Bora


    I have 2 triggers that are set to automate first responses, both are set to send when Status = New. I need the one Trigger to activate only if the 1st does not. I've repositioned them as directed here, but the 2nd trigger continues to send it's message before the 1st one does.  

    The first trigger is making an API call before making it's public comment, which may explain why the 2nd one is beating it to the punch. But I still only want the 2nd Trigger to activate if the 1st trigger sends nothing.

    I've added a tag to the 1st trigger and included a condition that tag =/= that tag in the 2nd trigger to prevent double messaging, but it's not working and the 2nd trigger continues to act first. Please help. 

    Thank you, 




  • Wenbo Zhu

    Having the similar issue as Bora. Please help.




  • Delores Cooper
    Zendesk Customer Success

    Hi there!

    At an initial glance, I suspect that your triggers are following the triggers cycle pictured below. It can be a bit confusing. In order to confirm though I'll create tickets for both of you in order to get more information on your individual use cases. Talk shortly!

  • Jihoon Lee

    I am currently using over 100 Trigger.

    Previously, I could see all my triggers using the "? Per_page = 300" parameter.

    And I was able to move any trigger in the list to any position I wanted.

    Recently, however, this parameter does not work after the recently trigger update.

    So currently I can only rearrange between triggers between 1st and 100th, and only between 201 and 300th triggers.

    I want to sort the 102nd trigger after the 80th trigger.

    For now, but it's impossible.

    How can I do what I want?

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    Hello, @이지훈 are you still experiencing this problem?

    I am not able to replicate it. We have over 200 triggers, and when I click on a trigger's menu  and choose "select position", it shows all available triggers (from 1 to 200+).

    If you are still experiencing this problem, it would be a bug, and should be reported to Zendesk Support.

  • Jeremy Carlton

    I have tried reordering triggers to the new categories I created and after saving the order, there are two triggers that keep reverting back to the initial category at the bottom, now they're out of order with the rest of the triggers. Is this normal behavior?

  • JJ
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hello Jeremy,

    If after dragging the trigger to a new category, the trigger moves back to its initial category, check the trigger conditions and look for any error message.

    In triggers that contain any condition about ticket, user, or organization fields, if those fields were removed, the trigger displays the error message: No longer available.

    The error message No longer available indicates that the field was deactivated and can no longer be used. To solve this issue either remove the condition that displays the error message or reactivate the field.

    Once the issue with the field is fixed, you will manage to move and organize your triggers within the different categories.

    We have already made an article for this:

    Why am I unable to move a trigger into a category?

    Hope that helps!


  • Rich

    Thank you @... for your response, I was having trouble categorizing my triggers because of deactivated fields.

    I didn't initially give your reply much thought because my experience was not that my triggers would move back to their initial category but rather I was receiving the following error message: "Trigger order wasn't updated Give it a moment and try again"

    A better error message would have saved me some time here. 

  • Samantha Bellach

    How does the new folder-based trigger organizing feature work with the triggering order logic? 

    • All I am seeing is that you have to adjust the orders of the folders themselves, which doesn't seem to make sense user experience wise.  
  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Samantha,

    The order you set for trigger categories must match the order in which you want triggers to run – see the last paragraph under "About trigger categories in Creating categories to organize triggers


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