Workflow recipe: Managing your escalation queue

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  • George Cox


    Can this logic be used to route incoming calls in Talk? 


  • Dan Kondzela
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey George,

    Good question. I don't believe the process Tod outlines is possible with active, incoming calls. I will tell you why.

    Actively incoming calls can be routed one of two ways, via an IVR or Group Routing. IVR is meant to give your customers options on where to go, so I don't think that option will let you accomplish what you want. Everyone would end up navigating to the high priority group/IVR Route under the assumption they'd get faster service.

    That being said, Group routing probably won't get you to where you want either. Group routing will always route to the default group, and then any secondary group after that. If you have more than 2 groups selected, it will go to the default group and then to any available agent in the other, selected groups.

    In short, there is not a way for incoming calls to be identified as upset, high priority calls. Triggers act on ticket event. By the time a ticket is created for an event to occur the incoming calls will already be handled by an agent.

    Sorry for the inability here!


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