Designing automated ticket workflows

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  • CapGemini NA BPO

    Hi Lisa, 

    please advice if I can create following flow:

    1. client is opening request to update data in ERP integrated with Zendesk
    2. Client uses standardised form on Customer Portal
    3. Zendesk creates the ticket and after checking all required information sends update request directly to ERP without Agent intervention. 
    4.  ERP updates the data and sends confirmation to Zendesk 
    5. Zendesk closes the ticket and sends notification to client.

    please let me know if we need an extra plugin to create such a flow or it could be create using Zendesk native features. thank you, Ewa

  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Ewa, 

    For details about creating a specific workflow, contact Zendesk Customer Support



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